Dream Stealers, Don’t Let Them Take You Down.

dream stealers

Today I would like to talk to you about “Dream Stealers.” I can still remember the excitement the first time I saw a whiteboard with those circles on it and I knew I could do it. But for 95% or more of us that excitement will turn to frustration and despair,  but you don’t have to let that happen.

To be sure we have all heard that to be successful, we need focus, something to aim for and consistent action. But what will take us down for sure is a line of thinking that is more about who we are and our self worth.

This is why I am a believer in a proper mindset and why attending webinars and hangouts and reading books on personal growth and development is so critical if you want to stay the course.

Here are 24 mind set road blocks that will take you down if you are not careful. I got these from Rob Fore a very successful online marketer and I really resonate with some of them.

                         1. I am to old                                    13. I am to young

                        2. I am to fat                                     14. I don’t know enough

                       3. What if I make a mistake               15. Everyone will laugh at me

                       4. People will talk about me               16. I’m a slow learner

                       5. I don’t deserve it                            17. I feel like a failure

                       6. Money is materialistic                    18. I’m scared

                      7. I don’t know what to say                 19. I am not educated

                      8. I don’t have enough time                20. I will be embarrassed

                      9. I am to clumsy                                21. I am too ugly

                     10. I am no good at sales                    22. I am too shy

                     11. I am not good enough                   23. I fee like a hypocrite

                    12. I don’t want responsibility               24. I’m scared I will succeed

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