Making Money With Instagram The Smart Way

What is Instagram and why should you care? That is a great question and  up until a month ago Instagram was an app that I considered quite irrelavent to my marketing.

Today though I have given Instagram more then a second thought as I have been watching certain top marketers switching to Instagram and literally killing it with fresh leads.

Marketers like April Marie Tucker who is getting 100 plus leads every day and has put out some amazing training.

Instagram is relatively new to the Internet and growing like crazy as marketers everywhere are jumping on to take advantage of the wave that Instagram is creating.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and at this point in time is one of the fastest growing apps on the internet, in fact Instagram is currently outpacing Pinterest and Twitter at 300 million active monthly users and growing fast.

So what is keeping you from getting onboard, the hottest and most current social site on the Internet.

Well if it is because you didn’t know about Instagram, or you thought, no, not just another social site.

Perhaps, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. have more then occupied your time and maybe even whelmed you, and you thought, I can’t take any more of this…

Well if you are in an online business your business needs Instagram even if you don’t.

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