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BobLowResHi! I was born in a small town in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, about 50 miles east of Vancouver, called Chilliwack. My mom and dad had just made it into BC from Alberta when I showed up. Most of my growing up was on a small island called Read Island in the Discovery Group of Islands at the north end of Georgia Straight 100 miles northwest of Vancouver. After grade school and one year of correspondence my sister and I were sent off to boarding school, as there were no high schools on Read Island.

After graduating from Laurelwood Academy and then Walla Walla College with a degree in Biology I worked for 30 years in the Pacific Forestry Centre, a Forestry Research Lab here in Victoria.

At some point I developed a passion for woodworking that led me into making furniture as a hobby in my spare time. I eventually fell in love with Apple Computers and soon discovered how easy it was to make cool and amazing videos and at relatively little cost. The word relative does not mean without cost and after retirement I realized I needed to supplement my modest government pension if I wanted my life-style to continue as I now had snow birding on my agenda.

What to do? My children were married and on their own, but I still needed something to pick up the slack so I turned to network marketing as a means of bringing in that extra pay check. Now that is another story and where the real story begins.

My story is no different then the many millions that have gotten into home marketing. It’s those circles on the whiteboard that so fascinated me as I signed up, and as those dollar signs kept dancing before our eyes, I was hooked and I knew I could do it too.

The catch however is that old school strategies only work for about 3% as most of us are somewhat introverted and the pain of old school pitching causes the majority of us to pack it in, in 6 to 9 month. Some may last a year, and very few go the 5 years that suggests our business is a success.

My sponsor was a great guy and he still is, in fact we are still good friends. He of course suggested I come up with the list of family, friends, and aquaintenances to pitch. It doesn’t take long to sift through your list however, and then what? For many it is stalking malls or hanging out in gas stations.

My sponsor was into mail outs, and so I spent thousands on mail outs, and hundreds more on garbage leads. Then in desperation went to 1000 doors and signed no one up, but I did sell product to two ladies who soon cancelled their order.

It was shortly after essentially quitting, that I came across attraction marketing, a system that provides value to the struggling lead and has you as a marketer supplying a remedy, or you might say a solution for the pain that most new marketers experience, the pain of not having enough leads.

Today I use this amazing system as a lead generating strategy, as I continue to provide value to the market place and grow my business.

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