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Despite what many You Tube videographers claim there are no secrets, or tricks to a successful network marketing business. And even though there are dozens of videos on You Tube warning about getting scammed by a network marketing company, you’re more likely to get ripped off by a traditional brick and mortar business.

What quite often drives this sort of rhetoric is ego and a desire to promote self-interest, and build a following. Most purveyor of this kind of negative rhetoric, do not understand network marketing for what it is and pose as saviors of the innocent and posture themselves as protectors of the gullible.

And those that decry network marketing quite often have failed at it themselves or are currently in the process of going out of business. This does not mean that they did not work their butts off. Working hard with the wrong strategies however will not bring success in network marketing or in any business.

Most marketers know, that for any business to be successful, whether traditional marketing or network marketing, you need leads, and the more leads the better. The method and strategies that you use to get those leads however is what makes for success or failure.

Even though traditional old school strategies work for many, and have made countless millionaires, that only translates into about 3% of those struggling in the network marketing business.

So if network marketing is so great what’s the problem? Historically it comes down to a system that from the get-go works against human nature. Network marketing is as the name implies, “network marketing.” That means connecting with people. The problem however is that 25 to 40% of us are somewhat introverted and to make it even worse, biologically we as humans flee from pain and go toward pleasure.

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This translates however into failure for you as a marketer. Six to nine months from the time you excitedly sign up and are told anybody can do it; you will be out of business. Well anybody can do it if they do what those successful in network marketing do. But they don’t and won’t, and I didn’t, human nature being what it is.

So what is the answer after you have gone through your warm market list of 100 names? Your list of family, friends, and aquaintenances, was a great place to start, but now the reality of pitching cold leads and stalking malls, or hanging out in gas stations really hits home. What now? Well, you’re out of business, unless.

Unless however, you take a look at a solution that I stumbled upon not to long ago. It is called attraction marketing and is turns the old school marketing strategy, that of pitching your lead completely on it’s head. Leads actually come to you. It is a strategy that leverages the Internet as a lead generating tool and it works for you 24/7, even when you are asleep.

Wouldn’t you feel excited to wake up every morning with 5 to 20 leads in your in basket. Some get 100 plus leads every day. But results can’t be guaranteed.

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