Tools I Recommend

Below you will find serious tools that no  network marketer should be without. Why continue to struggle with your wheels spinning. Use the tools that every successful marketer carries in his tool kit. Attraction Marketing has replaced old school  marketing like a breath of fresh air. In the tool kit below you will find tools to carry your business to the next level. Make this, your break out year and join the winners.

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring:

Dillard wrote the bible on “attraction marketing”, a model that drives business to you and changes completely the old school paradigm, of in your face marketing. A new day in network marketing arrived with Mike Dillard’s book, “Magnetic Sponsoring,” an essential read for any serious marketer



Founded by the creators of Attraction Marketing Formula SEO Networker, SEON 3.0 and No Excuses Summit. Learn how to distribute content like the pros! Free training videos reveal the secrets to massive rss, and content syndication  for non-stop leads. A community that helps one another create success with Attraction Marketing Principals, Social Media Strategies and Personal Development!

Host Gator:

Great price and service and they use Fantastico the  

newbie’s best friend! A service I wouldn’t do without.


Go Daddy:

Why not go with Go Daddy a great place to 

host your domains and a place where I host mine.

Tackle the Web with up to 5 new .COMs, $5.99 for the 1st year!