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With dozens of videos on You Tube warning about scammers in network marketing, it is no wonder that many get a perverted idea of what network marketing is all about. Your chance of get ripped off in reality is probably just as great with a typical none mlm business.

What can drive this sort of rhetoric is over inflated egos and a compulsion for self-interest, and a need to generate a following. Those that promote this kind of negativity, fail to understand multilevel marketing for what it is and set themselves up as saviors of the gullible and present themselves as guardians of the naive.

Those that talk negatively about network marketing more then likely have given up and quit, or are even now in the process of quitting. Most mlm marketers however work their butts off, and it is not their fault. They are not to be blamed, because without a mlm leads generating strategy that really works you are out of business. No mlm leads, no business.

Generating mlm leads by using old school strategies has worked for many in the past, but the success rate of about 3% speaks for itself. With those kinds of statistics it is no wonder the naysayer’s have a heyday, and continue to shout scam, scam as the poor MLMers struggles to generate mlm leads for their business, and with strategies that never worked well.

Historically the system was flawed from the get-go, and worked contrary to human nature. Network marketing is as it says, is “network marketing.” This is all about connecting with people. The big issue however is that 25 to 40% of us as human beings are basically introverted and what makes it worse, we as biological creatures tend to shy away from pain and move toward pleasure.

Do we have an answer for generating mlm leads? Our list of family, friends, and aquaintenances, for sure, was a great place to begin, but now what? The reality of pitching cold mlm leads and stalking malls, and hanging out at gas stations smacks us in the face. This is when our business shuts down.

There is however a solution and I stumbled upon it a while ago. It is called attraction marketing and is takes the old school strategies of, pitching for mlm leads and completely turns it around. Leads now come to you. This strategy takes the Internet and leverages it as an mlm leads generating tool that works for you 24/7, even when sleeping.

How would you feel to wake up every morning with possibly 5 to 20 leads wanting what you have? Some even find 100 plus mlm leads every day in their inbox. But results can’t be guaranteed.

For a test run, click on the link at the top of this description and just below my video. Lay aside all distractions and listen to a presentation on a system that not only generates focused leads, but also has phenomenal training and support.


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