What Is Seo Marketing And Why You Need To Know

You are right here because you need to know, “What is seo marketing? Simply what it is all about? The basic response to “What is seo marketing,” is just that, marketing effectively with seo. The complete response is what is seo and exactly what search engine optimization has to do with successful marketing anyhow.

Search engine optimization means just that, “search engine optimization” and if fully comprehended it, it will certainly do incredible things to any online company. Seo is everything about keeping the search engines pleased with the content that you upload. However, despite the fact that there are literally lots of search engines, Google is the only one that actually matters and keeping Google happy is of prime concern.

Those that fully comprehend the question, “What is seo marketing?” Will have their content, be it a YouTube video, a blog, an article marketing website, etc. rank above the fold and preferably at the top of the page in a Google search. This naturally is entirely impossible for the uneducated marketer, as their material will be lost among the 10’s of thousands of pages published every day on the Internet.

My video is not going to try to discuss the how’s of selling on YouTube, as there are actually countless YouTube videos that already do that effectively. What I am going to do is give you a walk with on what you have to do if you want to know, what is seo marketing on YouTube.

Let me share 8 strategies to answer the question, “What is seo marketing using YouTube?”

1. Brand yourself, start with your name and something that is distinctively you, something that you can offer the market. (Put up content every day. YouTube is a very responsive  method to publish material, brand yourself, and create a following.)

2. Create a description, of 500 words if you are producing YouTube videos. (Works for article marketing and blogging also.)

3. Place keywords through out your description, blog, or short article,  in a natural way. (Up to 3 %.)

4. Google’s Keyword Planner is the best way to find tags and keywords and it is totally free. (Learn how to use it. Remember tags and keywords are basically the same thing, simply made use of in different places.)

5. Doing YouTube videos? Learn ways to use time stamps, comments, and subtitles and closed captions. (They create juice to your material.)

6. Know that installing videos about network marketing business, or making use of anything that uses the words, mlm, or mlm can get your videos flagged. (There are disillusioned marketing professionals that will flag these sort of videos. They work in teams to take down your videos, however recognize that they will eventually  get marked as age restricted, and your channel may get shut down.)

7. Off page search engine optimization strategies for back linking, can be a terrific means to get your content to rank on the very first page in a Google search, but be warned Google does not like this sort of manipulation. (Remember Google wants your content to rank based on its value to the market place.)

8. One last approach, your video needs to have the keyword as part of its title. ie “Keyword. mp4.”

Click the link in the description right below my video, to look into some fantastic seo marketing using YouTube videos, and move your company to the next level, as you find out ways to create even more leads. Some get 60+ leads a day using this system, but these results are are not normal for everyone.

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